Tea and Beverages

Nationally Recognized Brands

Create more productive and stress-free employees by adding tea and other beverages to the office breakroom. We offer an array of popular tea brands and decadent flavors that can be delivered to anywhere in Arizona.



Arizona Tea

Souvia Tea



  • Bigalow Arizona Green Tea with Pomegranate
  • Bigalow Green Tea
  • Bigalow Green Tea Decaf
  • Bigalow Green Tea with Lemon
  • Bigalow Mint Medley
  • Bigalow Orange & Spice Herbal Tea
  • Lipton Hot Decaf
  • Lipton Hot Tea

Single Cup Teas

  • Bright Tea Co. Rasperry Herbal
  • Bright Tea Co. Chai Spice
  • Bright Tea Co. Lemon Herbal
  • Bright Tea Co. Green with Jasmine
  • Bright Tea Co. White with Orange
  • Bright Tea Co. Peppermint Herbal
  • Bright Tea Co. Earl Grey
  • Bright Tea Co. English Breakfast
  • Bright Tea Co. Select Green
  • Prospect Teas- Green Power
  • Prospect Teas- Vanilla Chai
  • Prospect Teas- Variety Box
  • Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea

Iced Tea

  • Arizona Tea Traders-Black Tea
  • Arizona Tea Traders-Green Tea
  • Lipton Ice Tea
  • Souvia Iced Tea Afternoon Delight
  • Souvia Iced Angels Kiss
  • Souvia Iced Nilgiri Black Tea
  • Souvia Iced Orange Oolong
  • Souvia Iced Peach
  • Souvia Iced Mango Dream.
  • Souvia Iced Strawberry Fields
  • Souvia Iced Tropical Green

Starbucks Frapp

Red Bull



Beverages / Energy Drinks / Water / Seltzer Water

  • 5 hr. Energy
  • Apple Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Gatoraid Variety
  • Juice-Izzy Sparkling
  • Red Bull
  • Starbucks Frappucino
  • Tropicana O.J.
  • V8 Vegetable Juice
  • Water-Arrowhead
  • Water-Aquafina
  • Water-Dasani
  • Water-Glaceau Vitamin
  • Water-Kirkland Signature
  • Soda
  • Carnation Hot Cocoa
  • Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
  • and more...