Single Cup Options

Nationally Recognized Brands

Stock your office breakroom with single serve cups of coffee, hot chocolate,  and tea. These single k-cups are great for on-the-go employees and individuals who like drinking speciality coffee throughout the day. Our single serve cups can be delivered to your Arizona office.


Comobar’s delicious single-serve espresso capsules are packed for freshness. Comobar’s single serve coffee machines have five serving options and are completely portable.


Alpine Coffee is a delicious choice for those who like chocolate, spice, citrus, and berry undertones. Made with 100% speciality Arabica beans, you’ll love the richness of each Alpine k-cup.


Keurig has a variety of hot brewers, allowing you to choose what size, style, and functions would work best for your workplace. Their k-cups are always flavorful and a single-serve favorite!


Kirkland’s coffee pods are known for their rich flavor and sweet aroma. Sourced from Columbia and roasted to perfection, you’re guaranteed to fall in love Kirkland’s full bodied taste.


Alterra, the Midwest’s “hardworking” coffee, is recognised, appreciated, and loved for its speciality flavor and richness. Each coffee pod has a gourmet taste and smell.


Peet’s coffee is a delicious brand that takes flavors from the Americas, Africa, Arabia, and the Indo-Pacific area. Their speciality k-cups are refreshingly bright.


Starbucks, the world’s most popular coffee supplier, offers a variety of fresh, bold coffee and tea k-cups. Their brews are always rich in flavor and include subtle hints of chocolate, toasted nuts, and caramel.

Single Cup Hot Chocolates, Ciders & Specialty Drinks

  • Alterra Fabulous Froth Mocha
  • Alterra Froth Real Milk
  • Dove Hot Chocolate (Flavia Brew)
  • Grove Square: Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
  • Skinnygirl: Chocolate Chai Latte